From the Bug Out Bag to the Armadillo: some Prepping considerations

One of the possible applications of the Armadillo is in Prepping Bug Out plans (plans for evacuate as soon as possible from a disaster area). Usually during those evacuations a “Bug Out Bag” is recommended. The Bug Out Bag is actually a portable kit that contains the items one would require to survive for approximately seventy-two hours: but what does happen if you have to escape and/or survive for a longer period, if you have to face different and harsh climatic situations or if different environments and terrains have to be crossed or lived in for more days? In this situation an extended emergency equipment is needed, from warmer clothes to more water and food, more hardware,  etc. The weight is in this case the bigger concern and it has always solved by mankind, since the invention of the wheel, building small and big man hauled carts.


The Armadillo EVS is the right solution as it is bigger than a compact Bug Out Bag but is not so huge in its overall dimensions: with its 92 liters (24.3 gallons) it is a maneuverable man hauled cart that can hold additional stuff under its elastic deck net. It has also the advantage that when the track/terrain is really rough and not practicable by a cart it can be worn like a normal backpack to go over the harsh tract of land.

Complete dryness thanks to its drysuite zipper, perfect floatation as a small boat and bombproof hull construction complete its features suited for harsh weather/terrain situations and thus for Prepping Bug Out Plans.


1)      Prepare your Bag Out Bag with a  “72 hours equipment”;

2)      reach your hidden Armadillo;

3)      move some of the heaviest equipment from the bag to the Armadillo;

4)      Put the bag in front of you if you have to use the Armadillo as a backpack.

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