Armadillo EVS


Armadillo EVS (Ex Voto Suscepto)

Armadillo EVS
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What is an Armadillo EVS? Since humans have begun to build tools, dresses and preserve food and drink water their greatest concern has always been the possibility to carry these equipments with them. Handbags and later primitive backpacks have been the first solutions, soon followed by man or animal hauled carts (with the invention of the wheel), sleds and boats. So here the idea of the Armadillo EVS, the first man hauled personal craft that can be transformed in:
  • an all terra CART;
  • a bike TRAILER;
  • a pulka SLED;
  • a small BOAT;
Why to use an Armadillo EVS? If you like to do your trips and/or mini expeditions in different environments and your concern is to carry with you heavy equipment and/or a lot of food and drink water the Armadillo is the right solution for you! Which is the philosophy of the Armadillo? The concept of this craft relies on a Central Composite Core (the “3C” concept): a hull made of a composite material (fibreglass) that can be “transformed” in different types of equipment just by outfitting the hull with different accessories.

Detailed PRICE list (PDF format)

Part nameImage & DescriptionFree resourcesPrice
Glass fiber corehullPlans and DIY instructions270 €
Part nameImage & DescriptionFree resourcesBuy
Cart & Sled towing bartowbar_cartPlans and DIY instructions90 €
Towing bar couplingscouplingPlans and DIY instructions40 €
Wheel assembly (wheels + axles)wheelsPlans and DIY instructions115 €
Complete cart set: towing bar + attachments + wheels See components aboveSee components above245 €
Part nameImage & DescriptionFree resourcesPrice
Trailer tow bartrailer_barPlans and DIY instructions45 €
Trailer wheel assemblytrailer_wheelsPlans and DIY instructions145 €
Coupling System25 €
Complete trailer set: tow bar + wheel assemblySee components above215 €
Part nameImage & DescriptionFree resourcesPrice
Cart & Sled towing barSee the cart outfittingsSee the cart outfittingsSee the cart outfittings
Towing bar couplingsSee the cart outfittingsSee the cart outfittingsSee the cart outfittings
Polyethylene platepolietilene_slittaPlans and DIY instructions50 €
Complete sled set: towing bar + polyethylene plate + couplings180 €
Part nameImage & DescriptionFree resourcesPrice
Complete boat set: skeg + rope + carabinerskegPlans and DIY instructions60 €
Part nameImage & DescriptionFree resourcesPrice
Shoulder straps & waist beltbackpackPlans and DIY instructions180 €
Part nameImage & DescriptionFree resourcesPrice
Flexible deck of PVC
fabric with waterproof
fabricPlans and DIY instructions110 €
RollbarrollbarPlans and DIY instructions55 €
Cart & Sled hauling harness (S/M and L/XL)imbragoPlans and DIY instructions90 €
Boat towing harnessboat_harnessPlans and DIY instructions40 €



Max load capacity of bike version: 40 kg

Max load capacity of boat version: 25 kg (40 kg with ArmaFloats; see "outfittings" tab)

Max load capacity of sled version: 55 kg

Max load capacity of cart version: 45 kg

Max load capacity of backpack version: 35 kg


Volume: 90 litres


Weight (only hull): Fiberglass -> 5.44 kg (12 lb); Carbon fiber -> 2.55 kg (2.62 lb)

Weight (hull + soft deck + hauling bar couplings): Fiberglass -> 6.22 kg (13.7 lb); Carbon fiber -> 3.15 kg (6.94 lb)

Weight of complete cart outfitting components (axels + wheels): 5 kg (11.0 lb)

Weight of cart & sled hauling bar: 1.8 kg (4 lb)

Weight of complete bike trailer outfitting components (tow bar + 20” wheels + axel): 3.8 kg (8.4 lb)

Weight of complete sled outfitting components: 0.94 kg (2.0 lb)

Weight of complete backpack outfitting components: 0.83 kg (1.8 lb)

Weight of complete boat outfitting components (fin + hauling rope and harness): 0.47 kg (1.0 lb)

Weight of hauling harness: 0.42 (0.9 lb)


Overall length: 89 cm (35.0 in)

Overall width: 49 cm (17.7 in)

Overall height: 24 cm (9.45 in) only fibreglass hull; 44 cm (17.3 in) with soft deck expanded

All Terra Cart outfitting

Bike Trailer outfitting


Pulka Sled outfitting

Small Boat outfitting

Rickshaw style outfitting


ArmaTracks - The tracks for sand, hard snow and soft terrain

ArmaLock - The Armadillo Locking System

A.S.S. - Armadillo Sleeping System

ArmaFloats - For more stability and buoyancy on the water

Armadillo XL Wheels - For more clearance under the hull


Electronic components outfitting. Into the black box... Mediatek - Seeedstudio Linkit One board is the hearth of the electronics. Arduino IDE  for  the programming  of  the board  (download  code here). Adafruit IO server for real time data.

Bluetooth terminal on Android phone.

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