1) Adventure and explorative expeditions

Of course the Armadillo was thought for this kind of applications and of course it can be used in the most different environments, from the desert to the arctic landscapes and in the roughest conditions.


2) Transport your kids’ equipment

When on a pilgrimage or a trekking with your kids you can’t expect that they will bring all their equipment by their own: an Armdillo will solve some of your transportation problems! …or let the kids hauling the Armadillo by themselves…!


3) Scientific expeditions

The Armadillo may be used by scientific expeditions for transporting equipment on difficult terrains and/or in environmentally fragile areas. Environmental sensors and probes (e.g. Geiger counters, weather sensors, air quality probes, etc.) may be attached on the roll bar for continuous sampling. Coupling the Armadillo to an ATV may be a good idea…


4) For shopping

Go to the supermarket with your Armadillo and leave your car at home!

5) For you surf-casting equipment

You can transport all your fishing gear and your rods on the Armadillo!


6) Doomsday prepping

Doomsday and modern survivalist preppers relay often on the their own forces and are waiting for the end of the world. In the mean time they prepare themselves to survive the collapse of the modern civilization: what is better than a man hauled cart for transporting equipment, food and water when there will be no more gasoline for the cars?


7) Military applications

Special operations like those of the Navy Seals on rough terrains and harsh environment that need the transportation of heavy equipment but with a silent approach and little visibility may be the scenarios for the use of the Armadillo. Special adaptations and outfitting for small radar systems or rocket launcher may be designed ad hoc together with Kevlar reinforced hull walls that will provide a shelter during a gunfight.


8) Hunting

Camping equipment and medium weight game transport.

9) Humanitarian applications

The Armadillo may be used for transporting medical equipment and materials, portable water purification  systems and food in hard approachable areas or for supporting mass escapes of refugees.

10) Other applications

If you decide to become a modern tramp consider to buy an Armadillo before losing all your possessions!

11) Etcetera etcetera…

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